01/30/07 - Welcome to the newly designed offender website. Offender 0.3 will be released soon. This new release will be a complete overhaul of 0.2. It will feature a new boss and powerups. It will be more stable and updated to compile with GTK 2. In short, it will be the greatest offender release ever.

01/05/07 - Offender 0.2 is now available. Go to the downloads section to download it. New features include power-ups, scrolling backgrounds, start screen, and many other changes that make the game fun. A .deb package is now available. Send any comments/information regarding problems to either Silas or Dylan (see contact section of this page).

Offender 0.2 has been tested under Debian Sid and Ubuntu stable Jan 1 2007 with current versions of GTK+ 1.2.

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